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Salsa & Bachata

Vassili grew up in Greece, on the small island of Paros, where he learned music. Starting as a teen, he has been a performer for over 20 years. He moved to LA at the age of 18, where he experimented with acting, appeared in such movies as "Hook" and "Falling Down" and numerous spots in the TV series "The Wonder Years," to name just a few.


He founded the world music ensemble "Children of the Revolution" in 1999 upon moving to Seattle. The band's unique blend of Spanish guitar, Latin rhythms, and multilingual songs soon gained them incredible popularity. They went on to perform all over the world, including recording a duet with Ann Wilson of Heart. Being a lead singer and guitar player honed his stage skills, dance was a natural progression for him.


Vassili took his first Salsa lesson in 2000 and has not stopped dancing since. He won the "Reno Dance Sensation" Salsa competition two years in a row, and has performed and taught at numerous dance events around the US. Vassili's passion lies not only in the art of Salsa but in challenging himself to provide the most dynamic instruction to his students. He actively studies from dancers of various styles. He has traveled to Colombia and Cuba to study Salsa and Afro-Cuban Rumba from the real pro's and looks forward to delving deeper into Salsa's roots around the world.

Currently the Artistic Director of Salsa Con Todo, Vassili continues to perform, teach, and enjoy life.

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