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1. Respect -  All dancers, instructors, students, and staff members must respect the studio's guidelines and respect each other's decisions, ideology, culture, race, gender, sexual orientation, time, studio equipment, personal property, personal space, and speak with respect.   

2. There is zero tolerance for all types of bullying, harassment and misconduct.

3. Good hygiene must be practiced during socials and classes, there will be deodorant provided in the bathrooms.

4. Dancers must inform SCT instructors of any injury or illness.

5. Please turn off mobile devices during class times.

6. Dancers must pick up after themselves, put trash and waste in the bins provided.

7. Please remember that students are here to DANCE! We are not a dating app.

8. Enjoy the SCT dance community!

If anyone feels as if they have observed any person(s) violate the code of conduct, please contact Inessa at, or speak with an SCT staff member.

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