Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a partner?

No. We do not require enrolling with a partner for any of our classes. We work hard to ensure our classes are balanced between leads and follows, and we rotate our students between partners frequently. See HERE to find a class!

Do I need experience?

There is no dance experience required for our begginer or level 1 classes. We teach the basics very in-depth and cover a lot of important conceptsin these classes. Some students take this series multiple times, use it as a refresher to revisit the basics, or to learn the opposite role. See HERE to find a class! For Intermediate/Advanced/Master or 2/2.5/3 classes we require a fluency with various moves, techniques, and musicality. See HERE to find a class! We are happy to recommend which level class would be the best fit for you if you would like. Email the studio HERE for a recommendation of which level you should be in!

What level should I be in?

Most likely beginner or level 1 if you have never taken our classes. Unless you have a previous specific and in-depth education in the dance form. We ask that new students to SCT start at the beginning of our curriculum. See HERE to find a class! Email the studio HERE to see what class you should enroll into!

Are the classes balanced between leads and follows?

Yes. We ensure our registration is balanced for all classes. In the case of students missing class, we may be 1 or 2 leads or follows heavy. We rotate partners frequently so no one is without a partner for more than a few minutes. See HERE to find a class!

How big are the classes?

This depends on the studio room the class is in for series. For workshops, class size varies by discipline and level, but is capped at a max of 46 students. See HERE to find a class

Who is the instructor?

​​Our instructors typically rotate within their dance specialty with each series. All SCT instructors are gifted dancers who have committed to in-depth study in their respective dance specialties and are certified instructors. They have more than 60 years of combined dance experience and are committed to helping you achieve your personal dance goals. See HERE for information about our instructors!

Who can I contact with other questions?

Team & Class questions: Space rental questions:


What should I wear?

Wear clothing that is comfortable and won’t restrict movement. We do not recommend skirts/dresses for women. Pants are best. Be ready to sweat a bit. Please remember to shower and use deodorant. Be respectful of your fellow classmates and instructors. We always provide mints!

What shoes should I wear?

We recommend dancing in jazz flats. Heels are not recommended for new follows because they restrict learning footwork and technique, and are generally not healthy for your feet in the long term if you are doing a lot of dancing. Otherwise, for leads and follows, any thin, slick sole works well, shoes that don't grip/stick to the floor and won’t come off of your foot. Local Dance Stores: Centerstage Dance Shop (University District) Petticoat Junction Dance Shop (Lynnwood)


How do I pay?

You can pay for classes online when you register. You can pay at the door, we recommend creating a MindBody account HERE prior to coming to the studio to make the check-in process quicker and run smoother. If the class is full you will not be able to enroll at the door.

Where is the class?

All classes are held at the SCT studio at 211 North 36th Street. Right next to Cafe Con Todo, there are hammocks hanging in the window. Get Directions HERE.

Is there parking?

There is free street parking on N 35th and N 36th streets. There are pay lots (starting at $5 and up) on the corner of N 36th and Phinney Ave, as well as by Fremont Studios on N 35th.

What if I miss a class?

For beginner and level 1 classes we do not recommend missing the first week. If a week is missed the material can be learned in a private lesson. Find and instructor for a private lessons HERE. There are no make classes. If you miss a class you will not recieve a class the following series and you will not be refunded for the class that you missed.


Who will be your Instructor?

SALSA, BACHATA, ZOUK, SWING, and KIZOMBA teams have their own team leasders for your weekly practice. SCT has a cast of incredibly talented and dedicated teachers who have created dance programs to suit their team's goals. SCT also brings out special national and international stars each year to work exclusively with each team. In past years, we hosted stars such as David and Jennifer Stein; Javier Campines and Erica Reyna; William and Paloma; Henri Velandia; Evelyn Magyar; Sekou; Ivo and Shani; Charlene Rose; Marc Brewer; Jefferson Dadinho; Albano Goldenberg; Enzo Hoces; Julio Balmaceda y Virginia Vasconi, Zeke Ruvalcaba, and more.

What experience is required?

Experience required is dependent on the team. See HERE to find and team and its descriptions and details for prerequisites.

Do I need a partner?

No. You will work on partner-work with your fellow teammates. If you are joining a performance team, you will be assigned a choreography partner who fits you best as a dancer. See HERE to find a team.

How much of a commitment are teams?

All Team will be $185/month starting January 1st 2020. Depending on curriculum length, most tteam are run for 12 month or 6 month, we encourage all of students to enroll for the same curriculum length as the team. However, we understand that personal schedule are not always the same throughout the year and sell team memberships for a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month commitment. See HERE to purchase a Membership. The days and times for practice depend on the team you join. Performance teams include extra rehearsals that will be set up throughout the year. All of our monthly group series classes are included in your monthly dues, and you may choose to take as many or as few of them as you wish. See HERE for monthly group series. Some event workshops may be recommended to you by your team instructor. See HERE for upcoming events.

Can I move teams mid-contract?

You can not change your dance form mid contract. You can progress to another team within your dance form mid contract. In order to progress to the next team, Instructors require the student to complete a level evaluation. Some prospecting students may not progress depending on skill requirement and ability. Please schedule a private lesson HERE to set up a level evaluation with the team leader of the team you are testing into.

What if I miss a team practice?

If you must miss a practice, let your instructor know in advance if possible. They will tell you what to practice and if there is a team video of that particular practice you can reference. You can also practice at the SCT studio with another team-member to catch up. See HERE to view studio space availability, this is free for all Team Members using the studio to practice. Studio-use rules do apply.

What is included in my monthly dues?

Free unlimitied MONTHLY GROUP SERIES. Free unlimitied DROP-IN CLASSES. Free unlimited SOCIALS. Free unlimitied BOOTCAMPS. Discounted PRIVATE LESSONS. Discounted EVENT workshops and intensives.

Which team should I join? And how can I join?

The team you join depends on the dance form you feel most drawn to, and your experience level. Find your team HERE. If you have completed a training team, you may join the next level team or complete a level evaluation for a performance team. If you are a new team member who wishes to join a 2nd year, or performance team, you will need to complete a level evaluationor receive permission from the team-instructor. Schedule a private lesson HERE to complete a level evaluation. We have a limited capacity for leads/follows for each team. If there is no room on the team you prefer, we will wait-list you and keep you informed.

Can I join more than one team?

Yes. After your first team, the follow team's monthly dues will be discounted by 20%, ($148/month). See HERE to find a second or third team!

What if I cannot afford full team dues?

SCT offers full to partial workstudy programs for team members whose finances do not allow them to pay full dues. This is not gaurenteed becuase there are a limited amount of spots available. Email HERE to set up an interview if you are interested in our workstudy program.

​How do I set up monthly dues payments?

Automatic payments are set up with the card used during the inital purchase of the team membership. Monthly payments will be processon the 1st of every month. You are able to change or update your credit card in your mindbody account.

When is orientation?

Orientation is the first week of every year. You will meet your team instructors and have a question and answer session. We will be discussing any information that still needs to be covered regarding your dance year.

When does practice begin?

All dance teams begin the first week of January. Start days/times depend on which team you join. See the studio calendar HERE.