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Lindy Hop

Elaine brings a broad range of perspectives and influences to her dance.

Since age the age of 3, Elaine has been diving deep into many disciplines of dance. She has studied and taught Ballet, Modern Dance, Ballroom, Tango, and Pilates. She discovered the joy of Lindy Hop while living in New Orleans and hasn’t stopped dancing since. She possesses a vast knowledge of human anatomy and body mechanics that she employs in all of her classes.


Together with her partner, Stefan, she has both won and placed in a number of competitions across the country and have taught many years worth of classes in Lindy Hop and other dances. Their dance philosophy is rooted in their combined experiences in multiple dance styles as well as having spent the majority of their Lindy Hop lives in New Orleans and New York, cities known for their live jazz music. In accordance with their philosophy, their classes emphasize the importance of comfortable technique and musicality.

To book a private lesson with Elaine, click below. 

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