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Sensual Bachata

Margarita is originally from Kazakhstan where she started her athletic and initial dance journey. Since the age of 6, Margarita has been doing acrobatics which also included classical training of ballet mixed with modern dance. In her professional acrobatics career with her partner, they became 4 Times Champions of European Acro-Cup in Germany, Champions of Asia and winner of other International and Regional competitions. Margarita was granted the title of International Masters of Acrobatics. After the athletic career, Margarita performed as an aerialist and contortionist in Japanese and European circuses.

Margarita started her Latin Dance journey after graduating from the UW Business School. She never imagined that her partner-dance based hobby would grow to a passion and become a big part of her life. Having a competitive mindset and discipline, Margarita trained with the best instructors of Sensual Bachata in Spain several times a year throughout the last few years. In Bachata, Margarita is a big supporter of 'lead and follow' technique and connection with a focus on social dancing. She enjoys combining modern styles of bachata without forgetting its roots and musicality.

Margarita is happy to share her knowledge and joy of dancing with those who want to learn.

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