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Kelsey has been dancing since she was 5, starting with a tap, jazz, and ballet, later adding lyrical, modern, and other solo dances. She bounced around to different dance forms, from aerial to tango, salsa to lindy hop, among others, until finding Brazilian Zouk. She fell in love with Zouk in the spring of 2013 when she first saw it demoed in a salsa class, was part of the start of the Seattle scene and first Zouk classes, and has been dancing it nonstop ever since.
Kelsey loves connecting to people through Zouk and enjoys finding all the ways we can mold to each other, play with the music, and feel joy through that connection and creativity. She enjoys welcoming people to the community and helping Seattle feel like a big happy family. She currently co-leads the advanced team in Seattle, while traveling and teaching on the weekends. She loves teaching, learning, and sharing the joy and connectivity of Zouk with her partners and those around her.

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