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Jam began her partner dancing journey in 2004, when a friend invited her to join them in a salsa series. Unexpectedly, partner dancing became a defining aspect in her life.  In her college years, she trained in Latin dances, swing, and ballroom. As she moved around the country, she found joy in dancing blues/fusion, WCS, and salsa in various communities.

She found Brazilian zouk in Seattle in 2015 and has been dedicated since. The flow, playfulness, and connection of zouk are what draw her to the dance. She enjoys both leading and following, and loves the opportunities that being a 'switch' dancer creates. Brazilian zouk has taken her to multiple continents, forwarded her personal growth, and has genuinely changed her life for the better.

Her focus as a teacher is helping students find their confidence and joy in zouk, with an emphasis on technique and partner empathy. Jam teaches as both a lead and follow at Salsa con Todo, and loves to help share the joy of Brazilian zouk with others.

To book a private lesson with Jam, click below.

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