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West Coast Swing

Anna discovered her love for social west coast swing (WCS) dancing while visiting her
home in Seattle the summer of 2013. Though already familiar with partner dancing including American Ballroom, blues dancing, country two step, social bachata, zouk, and Lindy Hop, the WCS social dancing she experienced in Seattle was something very different. The playfulness, adaptability, variety in music, and space for improvisation captivated her and she has been enjoying the community, growth in her movement, and opportunity to create in competitions ever since. Anna also brings to her west coast swing dancing (and partnered movement in general) experience in gymnastics, modern dance, and mindful movement development. Her newest forms of dance within the past five years include hip-hop, contact improv, and contemporary dance.


Currently, Anna competes as an All-Star level West Coast Swing dancer with a Classic
routine and is enjoying teaching partner dancing in her community and around the US. She primarily teaches all levels of WCS, beginners in ballroom, and those wanting to enhance their ability to communicate through movement within any particular form of dance or improvisation. Anna is also pursuing her master’s in Dance/Movement Therapy from Antioch University which she loves to incorporate into her teaching. Anna believes in the power of movement – all movement – to transform how we experience and relate to ourselves, to other humans, and to the world we live in. Let’s move, learn, and grow together! To book a private with Anna, please click the button below 

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