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The Argentine Tango! One of the loveliest, most lyrical, mysterious and graceful Latin Partner dances ever conceived!

Join us to learn this incredible dance form from the ground up! You can take these classes as Drop Ins for $15 for Beginner classes

and $20 for Intermediate classes!

All our Four Week Series Classes are cumulative courses. Each class is 1.5 hours and they meet once a week for four weeks.

 Core Movements Series.

 Intermediate Tango Series.

Tango Walking Class!

Argentine Tango Dance Team!

Argentine Tango Four Week Series: Core movements.

Tuesdays 7-8pm.

May be taken as a Drop In Class for $15. Or purchased as a Full Series.

July/August Series: Buy Now. "Progression One" July 26th-August 16th

August/September Series: Buy Now.  "Progression Four"  August 30th-September 30th.
Sara Thomsen and her teaching team  Jennifer Bruner and Rajesh George,

continue building a exquisite foundation of Tango movement to Seattle Tango!

Learn the basic dynamics and steps of Argentine Tango.

The Walk~ Crossed~Walk ~Spirals ~Turns ~The Cross~Cadencia

In this four week series you'll learn

essential movements of tango to begin improvising this dance with a high level of connection

and great natural feeling movement.

Intermediate Tango Class: 

Tuesdays 8-9pm.

May be taken as a Drop In for $20. 

July/August Series: Buy Now. "Tango turns with entrances and sacadas" July 26th-August 16th.

August/September Series: Buy Now. "Gaunchos, Variations and danceable combinations" August 30th-Septembre 30th

Get fluent in classic turns learn the dynamic of entering between the legs and

redirecting steps with sacadas for the man and the woman.

Become fluent in turns in crossed and parallel walk!

Tango Walking Class!

1 hour walking class every Sunday 7pm-9pm $5 at the door.

Work on the various aspects of walking

~Foot Fall ~Contact with the floor ~Alignment ~Music phrasing and timing ~Use of the standing leg

~Use of the free leg ~Joy of movement

Tango En Vie and SCT Present: Tango Dance Team!

We are the first ever Tango team in Seattle! Training begins in June!

This will be a commited group of Tango dancers that wants to work in a safe focused environment to improve:

Social dance skills~Dynamic dancing~Performance ability~Confidance~Great community~Travel and performance opportunities!

Specialized training from Sara Thomsen and top world class instructors such as Yanick and Eugenia, Guillermo De Fazio,

Enzo Hoces, Albano Goldenberg, Julio Balmaceda and Virginia!

This is a Six Month Team which will meet June 7th-November 29th 2016.

Commitment: Six Months of weekly Tuesday practice. 

Benifits included in monthly dues: Admission to Sunday Walking Class and Practica; All SCT Weekly Series.

All SCT Weekend Classes. All SCT Social Dances. *

*Does not apply to SCT Guest Insctructor Series and Weekend Classes, for which there is instead a 30% discount).

For Details Email Us. You will recieve Dues information and a Team Agreement Form to read.







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