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West Coast Swing and Zouk

Za Thomaier comes from a family of dancers. He resisted the call, deciding to focus on martial arts, psychology. But after agreeing to take one dance class to get his grandmother on his back about it, he quickly became addicted and hasn't looked back sense


Za has been trained in a multitude of dances. He trained in ballroom for years, which includes over 24 different partner dance styles. He has been teaching and competing for over 10 years. Along the way, he discovered a love for social dancing that was almost as addictive as competing for him. When he discovered West Coast swing and Zouk where you could compete while social dancing it was a dream come true. Za competes in the All-star division of West Coast Swing and the intermediate division in Zouk. He travels the world spreading joy and love of the connection, music, and love of this dance.


Za has several jobs and business in the dance community. He is an event producer, DJay, community leader, and professional partier. He is the founder of Zouk Addicts Anonymous, Founder of the West LAB, Co-founder Late Night Swing, co-founder of Future Zouk North West. 


Za believes that partner dancing is essentially the expression of oneself, and then sharing that with another person. There are many tools to help one become more refined in it. But the heart, the core... everyone already has. We just have to discover how to open it up.  To book a private lesson with Za, please click the buttons below. 

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