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Sensual Bachata

Max Lo Presti

Max was born in France and grew up in South America, where he was first introduced to Latin music. After returning to France he started learning salsa and bachata to put his love for the music into dancing, which he has been doing for the past 10 years. He trained with world-famous Terry Salsalianza, from whom he inherited a deep passion for musicality, and traveled to Spain for bachata workshops with Europe's top instructors. After moving to Seattle in 2018 Max continued training with local instructors, including Huong and Sophal from the Yamulee Project Seattle.


When it comes to his dance, musicality is at the forefront of Max's style. He loves having fun with the music and sees dance as a vector of self-expression, placing body movement at the core of his dance. He believes the magic of every dance lies in the connection with one another. Through teaching, Max strives to help students gain confidence so they can freely, and safely, express themselves and have fun dancing with a partner and by themselves.


Max teaches the Sensual bachata series and Foundations team. To schedule a private lesson with Max, click below. 

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