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Marietta Villalobos



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Marietta Villalobos is a world renowned professional pelvic isolation instructor based in Seattle, Washington. Born in Costa Rica, and raised in Louisiana; She specializes in dances with Pelvic movement like Tarraxinha, Twerk, Latin dances and more! 


Her Kizomba journey began in 2007 with close friends from Angola that taught her many dances and aspects of their culture. Later, her teaching journey began in 2014, in San Antonio, Texas. She’s been trained and certified by Mestre Petchu and Vanessa Ginga Pura for their 60hr teacher training course, and has also worked with many world-renown instructors. Twerking has been present in Marietta’s life since childhood. New Orleans is the birthplace of Twerk, naturally it is a huge part of the culture for people from Louisiana. 


Through dance, Marietta will connect you to your body by helping you understand its movement and functionality by bringing awareness to areas that may have trapped energy from trauma, stress, or stagnation. 

Lateral thinking is a strength for Marietta. She finds numerous ways to break down the same concept while keeping you entertained and focused. She is known for her strict attention to detail and fluidity. Her goal is to match all types of learning styles and guarantees you will come out of her courses with new and challenging material that you understand.  

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