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Salsa & Bachata

Liz Chu grew up in Seattle and was first introduced to Salsa dancing in 2009. She immediately fell in love with the dance. Soon after, she joined the Salsa Con Todo dance team, started learning the choreography, and performing at various salsa congresses. Since then, she has continued to train with different teams and instructors.


In December of 2015, she competed at the World Latin Dance Cup in Miami, Florida. This inspiring experience allowed her to witness in person the amazing outcome of dedication and practice. Some of her favorite things about salsa and bachata are that there is no limit to what you can learn, and there is always room to improve and evolve. Social dancing is a way for Liz to express herself, forget about whatever may be going on, and just be present in the moment.


Liz's goal for her students is that they are empowered through dance and each of them experiences the joy and benefits that dancing can bring. 

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