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Ian started partner dance somewhat by accident after being dragged to a salsa class in college by a friend. Although his friend ended up quitting, Ian was already hooked, and went on to explore various other dances over the years. In 2017, he was introduced to Zouk at a Salsa afterparty at SCT. Flowy, beautiful, and with a rewardingly deep (endless) learning curve, Zouk was the dance he’d been looking for.

Ian immediately became obsessed with understanding and breaking down the complex intricacies of Brazilian Zouk. He’s traveled to events all around the world fastidiously gathering new ideas and information from pros of various styles and philosophies.

Ian’s goal as an instructor is to craft a curriculum that focuses on comfort and technique in equal measure. Currently, he teaches Zouk Team 3 with Jamelyn, Zouk Team 4 with Ana, and is available for private lessons.  For private lessons connect with Ian via Facebook Messenger, or email. 

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