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Salsa  Bachata

Haley Port

Haley Port (she/her) began teaching at Salsa Con Todo in 2022, bringing a fresh perspective with her years of experience as a Salsa and Bachata dancer.

Haley is from Las Vegas, Nevada and moved to Seattle in February 2021, but has been a part of the Seattle dance scene since 2019. She began dance training in 2015 with the University of Nevada - Reno Social Dance club where she became well-versed in numerous dance styles: Salsa, East-Coast Swing, Waltz, Tango, etc. She began teaching Salsa, Bachata, and Merengue casually in 2017 to other college students as President of the UNR Latin Dance Club, after which she decided to double-down on her training.

Haley has trained under national and international professionals and world champions including Jesus Doza, Benny Ayala and Ashley Magana. She has participated on the SCT Salsa Level 3 team directed by Huong and Sophal in 2021, and supported the SCT Beginner Bachata Choreography team. Haley’s goals as a dancer and instructor are to first-and-foremost enjoy the dance, while maintaining timing and listening to the music. She wants to grow student’s confidence and repertoire from beginner to advanced in both Salsa and Bachata by focusing on body movement, tension control, and musicality.

Currently, Haley teaches the Sensual Bachata Level 3 Training Team and the Salsa Level 2 Training Team . To schedule a private lesson with Haley, please contact her below.

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