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- Until July 1st: for series classes, rentals, and most team memberships, face masks are required at all times - even if you are fully vaccinated. Please choose masks that match the CDC's recommendations (, making sure to have 2 or more layers of breathable, washable fabric. Your mask must completely cover your nose and mouth, fit snugly against the sides of your face, and be designed to prevent air from leaking out of the mask. Gaitors, masks with vents, and scarves are not permitted. 

- For certain team memberships, all instructors and students have agreed to allow fully vaccinated members to attend class mask-free. If you are one of those team members, please remember to put your mask on until you are in the room where your class will be happening. Also, wear your mask any time you're traveling from room to room. 

- Only people who are registered in Mindbody & scheduled to be in the space may use the studio. Please do not bring additional friends, family, peers, or pets with you.

- The space is open during cafe hours on Monday-Friday from 8am-2pm, and Saturday-Sunday from 8am-3pm. The rooms available are the Speakeasy, Cafe Loft, and Small Practice Rooms (Left and Right). If you use Mindbody to book the space outside of these hours, it may be locked. Please contact us at for assistance with using the space after-hours. 

- For dance classes, practicas, and socials, each class is staggered by 15 minutes to allow for studio cleaning. The Main Studio entrance will be utilized as our single point of entry and gathering area before class. At your scheduled class time, you may enter the Main studio. At the end of class, everyone must exit through the Main studio door. Please make sure to fill out this checkin form before arriving at the studio

- For dance classes, practicas, and socials: all UV fans will be on during your practice, if it is warm enough the garage doors will remain open. Instructors will be cleaning door handles of the main door, the door between the Main studio & Cafe, bathroom door handles, and railing walking down into the Speakeasy. Instructors will be cleaning after their class to ensure that the studios are sanitized for the next team to use the space.

- In order to prevent staff having to handle your personal items, please make sure you take all your belongings with you when you leave the space, and use the rubbish bins provided to get rid of water bottles etc. 

- If you feel unwell please stay home. You may not visit the space in-person while you are experiencing any symptom that could be associated with Covid-19, such as a cough or chills. If you need to cancel last minute or temporarily switch to virtual attendance instead, please contact us for assistance at