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Cisco is not offering private

lessons at this time.


Cisco began her journey into dance in October 2018 when she tried shuffling for the first time. Still considered an underground form of dance, learning how to shuffle was difficult at that time due to the lack of classes and tutorials that were available. She taught herself by slowing down YouTube videos and re-watching moves over and over again until they made sense. The difficulty of learning this way is what would eventually push her to begin teaching, so she could help others access shuffling more easily.


Throughout the following years, Cisco's passion for shuffling drove her to study other underground footwork styles like Cutting Shapes and DnB Step to add variety and flare to her dancing. The result is the hybrid shuffle style she teaches in class. She teaches the fundamentals and history of these freestyle dances while creating space for students to feel free exploring their own unique flow. 


Cisco found incredible joy and fulfillment in shuffle dancing, and her deepest desire is to help others access that same experience. Her classes are a judgement free zone where everyone will accept you and hype you up, no matter the level you're at.

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