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Brazilian Zouk...This dance form started out as Lambada, the forbidden dance.

You'll learn connection, transitions, flow, and the ABCs of Zouk moves for this lovely and lyrical dance form hailing from Brazil!

Four Week Series: $55 per student. Zouk Social $5 per student.

All our Four Week Series Classes are cumulative courses. Each class is 1.5 hours and they meet once a week for four weeks.

Intro Zouk Series!

Zouk Level 2!

Zouk Intensive.


Zouk'N'Fusion Social Dance!

Zouk Body Rhythm and Body Movement Series.




Intro To Zouk Series.

Mondays 6:15-7:15pm.

July/August:  July 25th-August 15th. Buy Now.

September: September 5th-26th. Buy Now.

Join us to learn Brazilian Zouk from the ground up at Salsa Con Todo! Get on board to learn this dance form

growing every more popular around the world, free flowing, graceful, fun and easily creative, Zouk!

This Foundational course will help you grasp basic Zouk Flow and Technique...

Zouk Level 2: 

Mondays 7:15-8:15pm.

July/August "Flavor From Brazil:" July 25th-August 15th 7:15-8:15pm. Buy Now.

Zouk Technique and Styling for Intermediate Dancers. This is a 2nd level Zouk Technique class,

covering fundamental and foundational techniques from Brazil.

If you are serious about your Zouk study, take this class and take the next step on your Zouk journey.

September "Zouk Unlimited:" September 5th-August 26th. Buy Now.

This class is for the intermediate dancer who has a solid understanding of Zouk basics and is

looking to explore outside of The typical box they dance in. We will show you how to use precision lead and follow and

awareness of limits in order to open up infinite possibilities of creative potential.

Zouk R&B with Robert Luu:

Please note: Classes will not be held on the 4th of July. They will be made up on the following week and the course will end a week later.

Join us for this intermediate level class R&B movement in Zouk! Buy Now.

Mondays June 20th-July 11th 7:30-8:30pm.

Spicy Zouk:

Please note: Classes will not be held on the 4th of July. They will be made up on the following week and the course will end a week later.

leading and following head movement and sexy body shapes with Ben and Megan.

This class is focused on opening up exploration of sassy and sensual partner connections and individual styling in Zouk.

We will cover close body contact, isolations, personal expression, and share some fun new moves to play with.

Wear whatever prepares you to connect with your inner dance spirit. This is an intermediate level class.

Working knowledge of Zouk basics required, Zouk 2 recommended.

Mondays June 20th-July 11th 8:30-9:30pm. Buy Now.

Stretching and Conditioning for the Zouk Dancer with Elizabeth Burnett.

Thursdays June 23rd-July14th 7:30-8:30pm. Buy Now.

Take this wonderful class which will condition and prepare your body

for the practice of Zouk dancing! This is a Zouk Dancer-Specific four week course

designed to help your lithen your body to work gracefully with Zouk movement! Good for

any experience level, leads and follows welcome.

The Aftermath: LA Zouk Congress breakdown!

Please note: Classes will not be held on the 4th of July. They will be made up on the following week and the course will end a week later.

Join us for a 4 week, 6 hour course unveiling all the techniques we studied at

the LA Zouk Congress.

Mondays May 16th-June 6th 7:15-8:45pm. Buy Now.

  • Zouk Intensive Three Month course!

Take this three month series, designed to take you through Zouk 2, 3 and 4!

We will cover all our Zouk 2-4 material in a fast pace and challenging class.

We will learn Traditional Zouk as well as more modern styles such as RnB Zouk, Zouk flow and more.


Zouk'NFusion Social Dancing

  • Mondays-10pm-12am!

No Social on July 4th.

Explore your exotic side at SCT’s Fusion Flow night with an evening dedicated to Brazilian Zouk!

This is a space for lyrical and creative souls to explore the art of movement on their own terms.

With an emphasis on energy flow and innovative connections, fusion flow is especially for dancers

that yearn to stretch their boundaries with a sensual twist. Zouk Dancers unite!



Zouk Forever Work-Shops with William and Paloma!

Join us for a special weekend with the amazing William and Paloma, here from Brazil!

They'll be teaching a weekend of amazing work-shops on July 23r and 24th 2016.

$20 per work-shop. Buy Now.

$110 for the whole weekend. Buy Now.


12pm-1pm - tempo, contra, contratempo.

1pm-2pm- head movements.

2pm-3pm - footwork for men and women.


12-1pm - dynamics and momentum.

1-2pm - cool moves.

2-3pm - musicality.

Ivo and Shani Zouk Work-Shop Weekend!

These amazing Zouk stars will be here on June 4th and 5th! Don't miss it!

Saturday 6/4: $27 per work-shop.

12-1:30pm: Zouk Flow in Head Movement. Buy Now.

1:30-3:00pm: Zouk Body and Connection.​ Buy Now.

Sunday 6/5: $20 per work-shop.

12-1:00pm:  Isolations! Buy Now.

Take the Whole Weekend for $65! Buy Now.

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