level 1

w/ jamelyn + viet

MONDAYS from 8:15-9:45pm

Experience Required: None

Curriculum Length: 6 Months

Rolling Enrollment: Yes, up to 1 month from start date

Start Date: July 2022

Performance: No

The Zouk Level 1 team membership program is designed to help dancers understand how to connect to their partners, be musical in their dances, and lead/follow in an awesome yet technical way.


The curriculum will focus on the following:

  • Timing, technique, and connection for beginning students.

  • Building a strong foundation of the Brazilian zouk technique

  • Establishing a safe, body-and-partner-aware way of dancing.

  • Working on the quality of movement and body awareness, which you can use in many dance forms.


level 2

w/ kelsey + ian

MONDAYS from 6:30-8:00pm

Experience Required: Graduation of foundations or instructor approval

Curriculum Length: 12 Months

Rolling Enrollment: Yes, up to 3 months from start date

Start Date: July 2022

Performance: No

The Zouk Level 2 team membership program is for students who have a solid foundational skillset and are beginning a more technical intermediate level. This team will develop a student's ability with a greater variety, technical understanding, and creativity in their dancing. We want to empower students to feel great on the dance floor, improve technique, musicality, and presentation. 


The curriculum will focus on the following:

  • Link foundational movements that harness the natural flow and expansiveness of traditional Rio zouk.

  • Promote the joy and expression of traditional Rio zouk through appreciation of the culture and origins of the dance.

  • Expand into intermediate vocabulary by building on fundamentals and competency of technically sound movement.

  • Build comprehension and skills of natural and safe body movement.

  • Develop comprehension of self as a dancer and co-creation within the dance; highlighting elements of connection to self and to others in partnership.

  • Provide preparation for advanced zouk teams.


level 3

w/ ana + leo

TUESDAYS from 6:30-8:00pm

Experience Required: Audition and instructor approval

Curriculum Length: Continous

Rolling Enrollment: Yes

Start Date: N/A

Performance: No

The Zouk Level 3 team membership program is for students who have already developed strong foundations in zouk and are skilled in intermediate level material.

  • Training solo movement to build body awareness, control, and quality of movement.

  • Studying progressively more difficult variations and combinations of movements, both stationary and traveling.

  • Developing skills in different styles of zouk.

  • Exploring musicality across different styles and genres.

  • Training balance, counterbalance, head movement, spins, and off-axis movement.

  • Training higher level techniques of connection, flow, and partnership dynamics.

  • Empowering students to be creative in their movement and dance identity by understanding the "why" in their dance.

3-month choreography intensive

w/ ana + leo

WEDNESDAYS from 8:15-9:45pm

Experience Required: Completion of zouk beginner series or equivalent

Curriculum Length: 3-month

Rolling Enrollment: No

Start Date: October 12th, 2022

Performance: Optional

Cost: $130, other team benefits do not apply. Current membership holders receive 25% off team dues for this team.

In October, Leo and Ana will be launching a new 3-month choreography intensive.  This is an opportunity to challenge yourself by learning a routine with the option to perform.  The routine will be appropriate for all levels.