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In grades 5-10, Tali fell in love with a dance style for the first time in her life with tap dancing. She loved getting to create structure and rhythm out of nothing, just pure air and studied skill. It was mathematical, social, and beautiful all at the same time. While still in high school, she started coming to SCT to train in the gateway dance of salsa, soon she started a regular at the salsa and bachata socials throughout Seattle. Gradually, she started dabbling in zouk, and trained seriously on the SCT Zouk Teams 2015-2018. For her, dance is an intentionally stress-free zone, where you get to expand your understanding of your body and step outside the everyday taboo on physical touch.


Tali has been to Zouk festivals across the West Coast and has enjoyed studying how to lead as well as follow. She deeply values the insight you get when you experience both roles and appreciates that the Seattle community encourages non-gendered roles. Tali teaches to encourage vivacious dancers and to emphasize that anyone can learn to dance and connect with others through this powerful, flowing, musical medium.

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