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Rose Curtis is from Seattle, WA, and has been dancing and studying movement forms for the last decade. Her background includes sports, competitive Ballroom dancing, teaching Ballroom dance classes, and working as a corrective exercise specialist and massage therapist. She has trained and focused on Zouk for the last three years, traveling internationally to work with some of the most respected teachers, and recently returned from training in Brazil in March to accompany Lucas Oliveira, internationally-known Brazilian dance teacher, on his first US tour. 

As a massage therapist and corrective exercise specialist, and creator of Rose Curtis Movement Therapy, she has worked locally and abroad at Zouk festivals, weekenders, sporting events, and with many dancers and movement professionals throughout parts of the US, Canada, Europe, India, and Brazil. Dance, travel, and the study of human movement are her greatest passions, and she is so excited to combine them all into such rewarding work that allows her to share her knowledge and love with individuals and communities in different parts of the world.

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