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Gwen brings a lifetime of movement-arts to her dancing. She has studied ballet, gymnastics, ballroom, belly dancing, Indian Kathak dancing, Flamenco, Swing, and finally found herself falling in love with Argentine tango. When she found Tango she broke up with all the other dances in her life. 

“I threw myself into it with no instruction and danced, blissfully unaware, for years before I figured out that I needed to actually study and work. I can appreciate how hard it is to learn Tango and what people struggle with while putting in the effort.”


Since then she has studied extensively with several traveling teachers, has trained in a close salon style of dancing, and has traveled and danced until her feet have begun demonstrating against the beautiful shoes she loves. Currently, Gwen is studying and dancing Tango at least 8 hours a week. 


Gwen’s work ethic and the structured environment in her classes foster motivation and love of the dance form in her students. Her nurturing style of instruction will challenge and support you in your Argentine Tango journey while keeping the experience fun and dynamic. Gwen is proud to be offering classes and private lessons at Salsa Con Todo. 


“I believe we should work hard at dancing, and study seriously, but also that dancing is about joy. Teachers should make you feel good about your self, and classes should have laughter.”

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