Learn from experts around the world with our dance events. Instructors specializing in dance forms offered at SCT and not offered at SCT, come here for drop-in classes, socials, performances, workshops, teacher training and more. Be apart of our community's growth by learning form these skilled instructors and dancers. Below is a schedule of events offered currently at SCT. Team members will receive a 25% off purchases automatically with your Mind Body account membership. 

March 14th

Fluid Follows Styling Workshop: From the Hips to the Fingertips with Kayla Dumo

Saturday, March 14th | $25 for Public | Member's Discount Applied

@ 1:00 - 3:00 PM 

Kayla has 8 years of specialized training in Hawaiian & Polynesian dance under the direction of Kumu Hula, Krista Moani Espiritu, of Hālau Hula O Lehualani. Though she now specializes in Bachata Sensual - and has cross-trained in multiple dance forms such as bachata, zouk, salsa, and hip hop - the majority of her dance career was dedicated to hula and she pays respect to her Kumu’s training for the dancer and teacher she continues to evolve into on her dance journey. 


In this workshop Kayla breaks down her signature style rooted from the art of The Hula. Here she uses her training to give you a hula-based technique focusing on graceful and controlled fluidity from the hips to the fingertips that you can use in your bachata styling. Not only will she focus on body mechanics, but she will touch on the power of expression, and how to use your “Mana” (energy in Hawaiian), to deepen your connection to yourself and to others in your dance. By the end of the class, you will learn a short bachata choreo piece Kayla thoughtfully curated that applies all technique from the workshop and provides arm styling movements that can be used in social dancing. 

September 25th-27th

Bachata Weekender with Alex & Desiree 

Friday, September 25th 

Intermediate Drop-in @ 8 PM | $20

Advance Drop-in @ 9 PM | $20

Bachata Social @ 10 PM | $10

Weekender FULL PASS | $125

Teacher Training FULL PASS | $200

Weekender + Teacher Training BUNDLE | $300

Membership Discount Applied at Checkout | All Sales are Final, Refunds issued as credits to accounts

Saturday, September 26th | $75

Workshop 1 @ 1 PM 

Workshop 2 @ 2 PM

30 - Minute Break @ 3 PM

Workshop 3 @ 3:30 PM

Teacher Training @ 6 - 9 PM

Saturday Social @ 10 PM | $15

Sunday, February 27th | $75

Workshop 1 @ 12 PM

Workshop 2 @ 1 PM

30 - Minute Break @ 2 PM

Workshop 3 @ 2:30 PM

Teacher Training @ 6 - 9 PM

Salsa Con Todo Dance Classes
Salsa Con Todo Dance Classes
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