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Salsa & Bachata

Diane teaches all levels of salsa and bachata, but particularly enjoys working with new dancers. Having learned to dance as an adult, she understands the challenges of re-training oneself to move in different ways and enjoys creating drills and exercises to address each student’s individual needs.  


Although Diane had been taking salsa lessons in Los Angeles since the early aughts, she didn’t start to train seriously until after she moved to Seattle and joined the Salsa Con Todo training team in 2014. Since then, she took as many dance classes as possible and learned to lead and follow for both salsa and bachata. She also studies and enjoys zouk, kizomba, ballet, and tango.


Diane is inspired by the improvisation and playfulness of social dancing, but she has also developed an appreciation for choreography.  In 2016, she performed at the Seattle Salsa Congress with the Salsa Con Todo Salsa Performance Team and is currently a member of the Mi Esencia Seattle bachata team.


The stress-reduction and creative aspects of dancing have helped Diane get through many rough times in her life and she does not see herself ever losing her passion. She is grateful for the opportunity to teach and aims to promote a non-judgmental and supportive dance community based on a foundation of solid technique and an abundance of creative expression.

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