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Sensual Bachata

Born and raised in Mexico, dancing has always been apart of David's life. He started studying and dancing Sensual Bachata 4 years ago and became hooked. When he is not teaching, you can find him dancing on Salsa Con Todo's Intermediate Sensual Bachata Team. For the past 3 years, he has attended and performed at Seattle Salsa Congress. He is looking forward to 2019's performance as well. 


What contributes to David's success as an instructor is his eagerness to learn from top-level Bachata dancers from around the world. "I want to share what I know with the SCT Community," David states. When asked what his favorite part of teaching Bachata is "watching and helping people improve their skills with every class." He is drawn and inspired to social dancing because it purely "makes him happy." If you not in one of David's classes you can always grab a dance with him at SCT's Friday night Socials!

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