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Sensual Bachata


Kayla started dancing at a young age but it wasn't until she graduated high school in 2011 when Hula found her. It was then when she began her 8-year journey of specialized training in Hawaiian & Polynesian dance under the direction of Kumu Hula, Krista Moani Espiritu, of Halau Hula O Lehualani.


Here she danced and studied the methodologies of Kahiko, Auana, and Tahitian styles and much of her training required her to deepen her knowledge of the Hawaiian culture and study the history of its sacred dance forms. Her training was grounded in heel, knee, hip relationship mechanics and she perfected the technique of fluid body movements and controlled continual motions.

In February of 2018, Bachata Sensual made its way into Kayla's life and there's no surprise as to why the smooth fluidity and connected movements attracted her. She quickly dove in, eager to learn, eager to grow, and eager to give back. Kayla soon met her current dance partner, Brian Dinh, and together they trained intensively for all of 2018. They both led the SCT Beginner's Sensual Bachata Performance team the whole year of 2019, and continue to teach Bachata Sensual training teams, series classes, workshops, and privates.


To further her education, Kayla will be training for 3 months in Spain to achieve her Bachata Sensual Instructor Certification and will be studying directly under Korke & Judith, the creators of Bachata Sensual. Her intention for this trip to train under multiple professionals to better herself as a dancer and, more importantly, a teacher, so she can continue to give back to her students and dance community.


Though she now specializes in Bachata Sensual - and has cross-trained in multiple dance forms such as bachata, zouk, salsa, and hip hop - the majority of her dance career was dedicated to hula and she pays respect to her Kumu’s training for the dancer and teacher she continues to evolve into on her dance journey.