west coast swing - 3 month intensive

w/ za + anna

THURSDAYS at 8:15pm-9:45pm

Experience Required: None

Curriculum Length: Continuous

Rolling Enrollment: Yes

Start Date: October 6th, 2022

Performance: No

Cost: $160 per month includes team member benefits (free socials, drop-in classes, 25%off all series classes and workshops)

This is a 3 month deep dive into West Coast Swing. In these three months we will study

  • Connection between the music, yourself and your partner.

  • Understanding the physical and physiological dynamics at play within a connected dance.

  • The many types of rhythms of WCS and how they connect and vary and allow truly a unique way of expressing music.

  • The structure of WCS that allows the back-and-forth dynamic that makes the dance so engaging.

And for my competitive WCS dancers, this course will give you the tools to go from low novice to at least one yes in a competition!


Join Anna and Za in this Deep Dive into West Coast Swing. See you on the dance floor