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Sensual Bachata

Brian started his dance journey in high school and continued it through college where he spent 6 years training and competing in various styles of hip hop. Upon moving to Seattle in 2017 he took his first bachata classes right here at Salsa Con Todo and it was after those classes that he fell in love with the style and dedicated himself fully to the dance form.

He has been advancing his bachata knowledge through taking intensive training classes and privates with professionals across the United States as well as internationally. He also travels to Spain multiple times a year to learn sensual bachata directly from the origins. Brian has trained with various local teams and instructors in Seattle and absorbed all their knowledge and expertise to apply to his own dancing.
Musicality is very important to Brian since he has been singing and playing the piano for over 20 years. He loves using it in his dancing as well as teaching his students how to apply it in their dancing. His primary goal for his students is for them to confidently enter a social dancing environment and fully enjoy the dance experience.
Over the past year in 2019, Brian co-directed the beginning sensual bachata performance team. Currently, he teaches the bachata series classes, runs the intermediate bachata training team, and is available for private lessons.

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