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Dominican Bachata


Angela Nedkov began teaching at Salsa Con Todo in 2016, bringing with her years of dance experience and expertise.

Having earned her certification in Ballroom and Latin Dance through the Internationally recognized Arthur Murray School of Dance, Angela has trained, instructed and performed with studios in cities across the country including Burlington Massachusetts, Manchester New Hampshire, and Atlanta Georgia.

In her time at SCT, she has worked to create and run the Dominican Bachata program, including her wildly successful 3-month Dominican Bachata Intensive series, in which students learn and perform a comprehensive, traditional and fun Dominican Bachata routine in only 4 months.

Additionally, she is also a core member of the Salsa Con Todos Salsa program, co-teaching both the beginner and intermediate year-round salsa teams.

Angela provides students with plenty of information, constructive critique and encouragement to be the best dancers they can be.

Her style of teaching involves approaching each class and student from a unique and individualized perspective, focusing on technical proficiency and an understanding of movement over styling and a healthy dose of fun and good humor.

When not at SCT, Angela is an active member of the Yamulee Project Seattle, training and performing with them regularly. Click below to schedule a private lesson.

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