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Learn Salsa in a nurturing, exciting and social environment.  Discover the incredible art of Salsa from the ground up!  

No Partner required. 101 classes require no experience at all.

Our instructors can teach in both English and Spanish for Salsa and Bachata classes! Come with or without a partner.

See below for our different classes in Salsa.


Salsa 101 four week series.


Salsa 2 four week series.


Salsa 3 four week series.


Salsa 4 four week series.


Salsa 5 four week series.


Salsa weekend Boot-Camps.



Four Week Series with 1.5 hour classes: $68 total. These are one class a week for four weeks, 1.5 hour classes.

Weekend Boot-Camps $80 per student, 4 hours a day both weekend days!



  • Salsa 101 Four Week series two classes this series:

When you sign up for Salsa 101, you can attend a FREE SOCIAL DANCE on the last Friday

of your Four Week Series!

Buy Now to register for your Salsa Series!

Email us to register in Person.


Choose one: Wednesdays September 9th-30th 7-8:30pm OR Mondays September 14th-Ocotober 5th 7-8:30pm.

Pease note: These are two separate classes with the same curriculum.

Definitely our most popular class. Learn Salsa from the Ground up in this comprehensive series.

You will learn all the necessary fundamentals of Salsa in a, nurtuing and exciting environment.

Whether you just want to go dancing out, or prepare to continueyour salsa eduction, this class is the best.

Prepares you for 102 Includes: Salsa Basic, Side-breaks,Back Breaks, Ladies and Mens Right- hand turns, Cross Body Lead (CBL),

Inside and Outside Turns, Musicality, Cross Points, and much much more.

  • Salsa 2 (102) Four Week Series:

Buy Now to register online or:

Email us to register in Person.


Wednesdays September 9th-30th 8:30-9:50pm.

Includes: a variety of techniques for 101 students, cross body leads with open breaks, more advanced

progressive turn patterns, hammer locks, and much, much more. The perfect class to prepare you for the

3&4  series.


  • Salsa 3.0, Four Week Series:

Buy Now to register online or:

Email us to register in Person.

Upcoming Classes for Salsa 3 TBA.

  • Salsa 4 Four Week Series .


  • Salsa 5 Email us to register. (With Salsa 4).

Upper level Salsa, for those who have completed all our courses, or the equivelent elsewhere.

Stay Tuned!




Boot-Camps are fun weekend courses.

For students who cannot attend the Four Week series!

A super-fun way to learn the Salsa 101 and Salsa 2 curriculum!

Salsa 101 Weekend Boot-Camp! Register Online or Via Email.

  • September 19th 12pm-4pm.
  • September 20th from 12-2:50pm.

Two whole days of learning how to dance Salsa from the ground up! This is a fun and active way to

spend the weekend. You'll take the whole Salsa 101 curriculum, plus extra technique in this 7 hour

Boot-Camp over two days!


Salsa 2 Weekend Boot-Camp! Register Online or Via Email.

  • September 26th 12-4pm.
  • Continuing September 27th from 12-3pm.

 Your next level, with more challenging technique and styling...






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