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Welcome to our "Special Series and Workshops page!

Check out new classes and workshops and events coming up!

SCT Dance Teams!

Salsa 101 and Salsa 2 Boot-camps.

Argentine Tango 1 and 2!

Lead's Stylng for Partnership!

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Liz and Alberto

Weekend Boot-Camps!

Salsa 101 Weekend  Boot-Camp! 

for students who cannot attend the Four Week series!

A super-fun way to learn theSasla  101 and Salsa 2 curriculum!

Buy now to register or:

Email us to register online.

Salsa 101 Weekend Boot-Camp!

  • October 11th from 12-4pm
  • Continuing October 12th from 3-6pm.

Two whole days of learning how to dance Salsa from the ground up! Salsa 101curriculum in two days!

Salsa 2 Weekend Boot-Camp! 

  • September 27th from 12-4pm
  • Continuing September 28th from 3-6pm.

Two whole days of learning Sasla 2! Your next level, more technique and styling...

Buy now to register or:

Email us to register online.

Oaxia: The Fusion Dance! Register Online or  Email us to register.


Mondays September 8th-30th 8:30-9:30pm.

For all dancers out there, experience the awakening of Oaxia!

Vassili strives to cultivate presence and synchronicity on the dance floor and in the process came up with a new dance form…Oaxia.

Oaxia is founded upon one’s innate awareness of technique and rhythm while venturing into an imaginative and self fulfilling journey.

We teach you to connect with the earth, breath and body and then how to translate that to a partner.

This is a free form non linear dance that uses physical and mental technique that can be applied to all dance forms.

The classes are mostly taught to modern, experimental and trance music.

Improve your ability to move with creative ease and balance.

No skills required. All levels of dancers will be challenged.

Take dancing off of the dance floor and into your life with this unique dance form. It's an SCT original!

 You will never forget or regret it...join the Flow...

Lead's Styling for Partnership!

Be the best Lead you can be with this amazing styling and technique class just for Leads!

You'll learn techniques and styling that will make you one of the best Leads in Partnership that any

follow could ask for!

This class is recommeded for beginner/intermediate students and intermediate students.

Mondays September 13th-November 3rd 8:30-9:30pm. $55 per student.

Register Online or Email us!


  • Argentine Tango 101 with Erica Atnip!

Buy Now to register online or:

Email us to register.


Wednesdays September 3rd-24th 8:30-9:30pm.


Argentine Tango 2! Buy Now or Email us to register.

Wednesdays October 15th-November 5th 8:30-9:30pm.

The Argentine Tango! One of the loveliest, most lyrical, mysterious and graceful

Latin Partner dances ever conceived! Join us to learn this incredible dance form from the ground up

with Seattle's own, Erica Atnip! In this class students will learn the fundamental steps for getting

out on the social dance floor including the walk, the cross, the rock turns, and ochos. Be prepared to get close! No partner necessary. 

SCT Dance And Training Teams!
We're now accepting applications for our Salsa Training Team 2015! 

Applicants who wish to join a more advance team, will be asked to audtion.

SCT Dance Teams are about dance training, togetherness, and community.

Our Teams:

Our Team C (no performances, lots of dance training, some choreography and ensemble work).

Team C2, the intermediary team (minimal performance, lots of training, harder technique, preparing you for Team B!

Intermediate Team B ( minimal performances, lots  and lots of training and choreography much harder technique work)

We recommend completing Team C or Team C2 before joining Team B.

Membership on an SCT Dance Team includes open attendance to all SCT series classes and

select Weekend Boot-Camps, and discounts on guest instructor Boot-Camps.

SCT Dance  Teams are a one year commitment.

Team Practice days:
  • Team C1: Sundays 4-7pm.
  • Team C2: Sundays  3-7pm.
  • Team B: Thursdays 6-8pm (by audition only).

If you are interested in being on an SCT Dance Team email us with contact information including phone number.  


Dance Team Practices begin The First Week of January!

Connect with SCT

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