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Welcome to our Special Series and Workshops page!

David Stein Dazzling Salsa Workshops!

West Coast Swing A&Z!

Dance Unleashed Program!

Dance Meditation with Vassili!

David and Jennifer Stein of Majesty in Motion,

Dazzling Salsa Workshops!

Join us February 2oth and 21st as we host the great David Stein.

for a weekend of spectacular technique and styling classes!

These classes are taught On1. No experience required.

Buy Now Full Weekend $85.


12-1pm: Musicality with body movement. Buy Now. $35

1:30-2:30pm: Turn technique with lead & follow tips. Buy Now. $35.


12-1:30pm footwork and turn combos. Buy Now $35.

West Coast Swing A&Z with Joshua Sturgeon!

Mondays March 7th-28th 8-9pm. Buy Now.

Wanna Swing! Join us in March for a special series with the awesom Joshua Sturgeon!

Week One: What It Is, What It Isn't - an Introduction to West Coast Swing.

Week Two: Momentum Says What - developing a West Coast Swing Connection.

Week Three: Happy Feet - Timing and Step technique for West Coast Swing.

Week Four: Start Here - Simple Patterns That Build

Dance Meditation!

Tuesdays February 2nd-23rd 6-7pm. Buy Now.

This is a meditation/dance class. Get more efficient and positive in your life while expanding

on your dance creativity musicality and connection.

~First half hour: Progressive relaxation.

~Second half hour: Dance Training focusing on Improvisation, creativity and musicality.

This class will help get you focused, calm and moving in your own body and breath.

The dance training you will receive in this class will greatly improve any

other dance form you are currently working on.

No previous dance experience needed, participants must be able to set aside 20 minutes every day,

for one month of their own personal Progressive relaxation meditation.

Give yourself a daily vacation, and discover why so many successful people around the world use meditation and Focus as a daily mental and spiritual exercise.

Dance Unleashed: Wednesdays 8:15pm-10:15pm.

Unleashed Dance Program is a unique offering of dance classes focused

on shedding your inhibitions, unleashing your full technical and creative potential,

and forging awesome connections with other dancers!

Each month we'll offer Rotating Technique and Creativity classes exercising

the right and left brain! Including:

Solo technique classes (hip hop, ballet, contemporary, jazz, yoga, and more)

~Partner connection classes~Emotional performance classes ~Musicality classes

~Creative improvisation classes ~Student composition choreography labs.

You may take these series separately for $55 each OR

Take both series back to back on Wednesday evenings for $100.

    Unleashed in March:

      • UNLEASHED HIP HOP! 8:15-9:15. Buy Now.

      Get in touch with funky "bad-assness" and have ridiculous amounts of fun whenever hip hop music comes on.

      Come to this class and get equipped with the basics of hip hop movement

      so you can lay it all out on the floor when the time comes!

      Hip hop is unique in that it is one of the few styles of dance that asks dancers to hold true to its freestyle/improvisational roots.

      Series curriculum includes: ~Basic hip hop posture (grounded feet, body isolations, relaxed posture, flexible spine, and radial hips)~Energy

      (hard hitting, smooth, and robotic) and emotional expression ~Basic grounded upper and lower body movements ~Basic traveling steps

      ~History of hip hop Optimizing your body's ability to retain dance movement.


      • UNLEASHED CREATIVE IMPROVISATION! 9:15-10:15pm. Buy Now.

      Learn to let go and be spontaneous with a partner or by yourself!

      Our goal is to help you tap into an endless well of creativity and confidence while you improvise.

      We will cover the following skills ~How to put your mind and body into a space conducive to effortless creativity

      ~Learn how to listen to and sync your body up to the rhythm and melodies of a song~

      Learn how to sync up with a partner and create movement together effortlessly

      ~Play dance games that will give you new ideas about how to interact with other dancers

      ~Learn how to mix your own natural body movement with technique to create your own style.

      • Join us for International Ballroom with Natalya Zrazhevskaya!

      Sundays  beginning December 13th, 1-2:30 Buy Now.

      This special weekend class will be a 5 week dance series dedicated to 5 different Latin dances

      of the International Ballroom style. Each week we will be focusing on a different dance.

      ~Week 1: Chacha

      ~Week 2: Samba

      ~Week 3: Rumba

      ~Week 4: Paso doble

      ~Week 5: Jive

      Each dance has a different essence, rhythm/movement, technique, and history.

      Whoever takes the class will become a more moldable dancer after the series has ended,

      being able to move their body in 5 new and completely different ways. They will also find similarities

      between the new movement and their base dance style and be able to add it in their social dancing.

      This will help with being an adaptable and more creative dancer, as well as a quicker learner of choreography.

      Heels are not necessary but preferred, not are partners. The class will be split up into two sections.

      First half = history and basic technique of the dance

      Second half = choreography to implement that technique

      • Tarraxhina Four Week Series with Galina (five hours)!

      This Class may be taken as a Drop In for $15 (cash or check only)!

      Fresh off of teaching her wonderful Kimmersion at SCT, Galina now offers a Four Week Tarraxhina course!

      Mondays June 1st-June 22nd 6-7pm (6-8 on the 22nd).

      Buy Now to register for the full series or register via Email.

      Tarraxinha is a body movement often added as a part of Kizomba dance.

      Fill in those slow beats in Kizomba, master your body isolation's and take your connection with

      your partner to the next level! Class will include:

      What is Tarraxinha and where is the place for it in Kizomba~How do you move your body and

      lead your partner~Foundational vocabulary of Tarraxinha moves that can be combined in any way~How to lead and

      follow Tarraxinha even without using your hands!



      Dance Training Teams At Salsa Con Todo 2016!

      Train for a Full Year at Salsa Con Todo and join a warm, vibrant dance community!

      All experience levels welcome. We are now accepting applications for Teams 2016!

      Teams begin in January 2016! Email us with your Experience level and phone number.

      You'll Train for 3 hours a week for the full year and take as many Group Series classes as you want,

      some of our Goup Classes will be required as part of your training.

      Team Dues include all SCT Group Series classes for the year and most Boot-Camps!

      you'll dance more than you ever have...

      We have several wonderful teams to choose from:


      Team C: (On1 only) Beginner Team, no performance; technique, ensemble and partner work

      Experience: No experience required, this is a training Team!

      cumulative throughout the year. Sundays-4-7pm.

      Team B (On2 and On1): Intermediate Team Intense Technique, Partnerwork and Ensemble work.

      experience: Must have taken one year of Team C, or by audition.

      Performance Team: You'll work with choreography all year, this is an intense and rewarding team.

      intermediate students! Cumulative throughout the year.

      Experience: By Audition only.


      Zouk Training Team:
      Training on timing, technique, connection for intermediate/advanced dancers.

      Goals: Excellence in social dancing; training can lead to performance team member ship.

      Prerequisites: Apprenticeship Program + 6 months of zouk classes and social dancing experience, or through approval of Xtine.

      Zouk Performance Team: Training on advanced topics, performance training, high level choreography, with multiple shows.

      Expect some teacher training. Prerequisites: Audition Only. Tuesdays 8-9pm.

      Apprenticeship: July 2016 - December 2016; What to expect: training on timing, technique, connection for beginning intermediate zoukers.

      Goals: To prep dancers for training team the following year.

      Prerequisites: 6 months of zouk classes and social dancing, or through approval of Xtine.

      Tango Teams:

      Tango Training Team: Training on timing, movement and technique. Ensemble and partner-work. No performance.

      Experience: no experience required.

      Tango Performance Team: Advanced topics and technique, performance and partner-work. Experience: By audition only.

      For Information on Joining Team 2016, Team Dues, Start Dates and Orientation,

      Email us with your experience level and phone number.


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