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Welcome to our Special Series and Workshops page!

Check out new classes and Events coming up!

SCT Dance Teams!

Halloween Dance Party at SCT!

Salsa Weekend Boot-Camps!

Strictly Ballroom Dance Series for Salsa Dancers!


Weekend Boot-Camps:

Perfect for students whose schedules do not allow for weekday classes.

Learn Salsa in One Weekend!

  • Salsa 101 Boot-Camp:

November 15th from 12-4pm, continueing November 16th from 3-6pm.

Register Online or Via Email.

  • Salsa 2 Boot-Camp:

November 1st from 12-4pm, continueing November 2nd from 3-6pm.

Register Online or Via Email.

Strictly Ballroom for Salsa Dancers!

A Four Week Series group class with Natalya Zrazhevskaya!

Wednesdays November 19th-December 10th 8:30-9:30pm.

Create new and powerful Skills using the classic techniques of this great dance form.

Strictly Ballroom teaches elements from ballroom dancing that can be applied

to any Partner Dance Form: isolation's, posture, alternating between soft and sharp movement,

the timely intermission of dynamic lines, musicality, and grounded foot placement,

rotational steps (pivots), and emotional connection between partners!

This class will help you improve your timing and enhance your precision as a Dancer in any form....

Register Online or Via Email.

  • Halloween Dance Party at SCT! October 31st at SCT

Pumpkin Pie!


Live Music!

Scary Movies playing!

Social Dancing Till you Drop Dead...from fun!

Come dressed in your finest, sexy and scary Fall Fashion!

10pm-3am October 31st after the Drop In Classes! Do Halloween At Salsa Con Todo!

  • Dance Training Teams At Salsa Con Todo!

Train in Salsa for a Full Year at Salsa Con Todo and join a vibrant dance community!

All experience levels welcome!

You'll Train for 3 hours a week for the full year and take as many Group Series classes as you want,

some of our Goup Classes will be required as part of your training.

Team Dues include all SCT Group Series classes for the year and most Boot-Camps!

you'll dance more than you ever have...

We have three teams to choose from:

Team C: Beginner Team,no performance technique, ensemble and partner work

cumulative throughout the year. Sundays-4-7pm.

Team C2: Into-Intermedaite Team,no performance harder and more intense technique and parther work

cumulative throughout the year. Sundays 3-7pm.

Team B: Intermediate Team, Performance Optional, Intense Technique, Partnerwork and Ensemble work

cumulative throughout the year.

For Information on Joining Team 2015, Team Dues, Start Dates and Orientation,

Email us with your Experience level and phone number.

Connect with SCT

Connect and interact with us through Facebook or You Tube and soon on Twitter. Watch this area for new ways for SCT students to connect with each other in Seattle…

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